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Homesick Release: May 28. 2015
Developer: Lucky Pause
Version: Update 1
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Dual core 2.0 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
GPU: Video card 512MB video memory
Storage: 2 GB

In the original Homesick project, the gamer will need to explore different locations, solve puzzles, and immerse themselves in the mystical atmosphere of gameplay. In the building itself, in daylight, there is a fairly calm and measured environment, but as soon as the protagonist falls asleep, he begins to have nightmares. The protagonist furiously scurries around the rooms as he is simply stalked by the darkness.

In the real world and dreamland, there are many puzzles whose solutions are displayed in real life and dreamland. If the user can find information about the former inhabitants of this place, he can understand how to change his life. To do so, sometimes you will have to do non-obvious things. Every location needs careful exploration.

The protagonist has no inventory, so he will have to carry all the items he finds with him. Get them by scrolling items in the hands of the protagonist. The first walkthrough of the game is designed for 2-4 hours. After figuring out the intricacies of the game and studying the locations, the entire gameplay can easily be completed in 20 minutes.


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Version: Update 1

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32-bit, Adventure, Atmosphere, Great soundtrack, Indie, Deep story, Mystery, Puzzle, 1st Person, Exploration, Horror, 2015, Psychological Horror, Short

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