Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat Download PC Game

Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat Release: 23 Oct. 2007
Developer: Insurgency Development Team
Version: from 4.11.2009
Windows: Vista/XP/2000 / 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 1.7 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
GPU: DirectX video card 9th generation

Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat is probably the best mod on the Source engine. This is a multiplayer first-person shooter where guerrillas and regular army fight. Each side of the conflict has a set of tactics and special weapons, the gameplay relies on teamwork and coordination, and is more complex than the competition.

So, the digital sight is abolished, and you have to rely on your own skills and experience when shooting. The interface also does not show health status and the supply of ammunition - everything is as in a real war. The ballistics are extremely realistic, and you can't defeat the enemy by holding down the fire button. Weapons are plentiful, all units are based on real prototypes, and each gun will take some getting used to and getting used to. The maps have a larger area - snipers will have more room to spread out. Also among the classes are the Gunner and the Invader, each with their own arsenal and missions. Main objective: to capture and hold more control points than your opponent.

Do not expect from the outdated "Surce" nekst-gen graphics, but the developers really worked on the picture. The models are sharp and detailed, the lighting and shadows are excellent, as is the animation. The project is perfectly optimized, and without problems will run even on weak devices.


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Version: of 4.11.2009

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32-bit, Action, Strategy, First Person Shooter, Shooter, 1st Person, Realistic, Simulation, Multiplayer, Tactical, War, Warfare

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