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Jagged Alliance 2 Release: 6 Jul. 2006
Developer: Strategy First
Version: 1.13
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Pentium 133 MHz
Memory: 32 MB

Jagged Alliance 2 is a tactical strategy game with RPG elements. Was created by an American computer game development firm called Sir-Tech Software and was released in 1999. Is a sequel to the original first part of Jagged Alliance.

Synopsis:. A small third-world country called Aruglko has been subjected to the invading policies of the neighboring, totalitarian, more powerful kingdom of Deidran. Argulco, the rightful heir to the throne, was left with no choice but to flee his home country to save himself. Without long deliberation, he decides to regain what is rightfully his by force and for this he hires a squad of super-professional fighters to eliminate the bloodthirsty dictator in power of the kingdom of Deidran.

The player is invited to take on the task of carrying out this super-responsible mission, competently managing a team of professionals capable of ripping each other to shreds if their ardor is not kept under control. You won't see any spectacular battle scenes here, however, there are a couple of moments reminiscent of the famous cutscene of Dutch Schaeffer's detachment entering rebel territory from the movie "Predator". Local and short-lived skirmishes - that's exactly what you can count on in Jagged Alliance 2.

Infiltrating a closed square without being seen by the guards, eliminating them and carrying out your main mission - this is the pace of the game's main action. Skirmishes head-to-head are extremely undesirable, because they can be deprived of the lion's share of the squad, which should also get used to, because each member of the team, hired in a special center, or the player has the opportunity to recruit a local resident, which proved its distinctive side in battle.


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Version: 1.13

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