Kane and Lynch Dead Men Free Download PC Game

Kane and Lynch Dead Men Release: 13 Nov. 2007
Developer: IO Interactive
Version: 1.0

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a crime thriller created by the team at IO Interactive, the same developers who gave us the series about the bald assassin Hitman. A gaming trick is the illusion of teamwork, because the main characters are two, but you can only play directly for one character, namely Kane, around whom, in fact, the whole criminal story revolves. The game starts out rather dramatically. Kane, while behind bars, one night writes a letter to his beloved daughter. On this grim evening he faces the death penalty. But the redemption of sins falls by the wayside as the prison is attacked by mysterious masked men in an unexpected coincidence. This is where the gameplay begins. The first thing to do is to take cover from the cops, who are following on the heels of the protagonist and his battle buddy. Cops are not stingy with their bullets, so they shoot a lot and aim them. Having escaped from the police, Kane finds himself in the clutches of the crime syndicate, to the leaders of which the protagonist owes a large sum of money. The elite of the underworld tell him that, no matter what, death will catch up with him, but before the end he must return the debt. Unlike Hitman, the heroes of Kane and Lynch: Dead Men do not need to hide from the headlines, do not need to change their appearance if the press suddenly gets the picture. On the contrary, Kane and Lynch manage to evade justice even when there's no room left on the floor for corpses. Shooting in this game is the basis of all things, so you'll have plenty of time to shoot a variety of weapons, throw more than a dozen grenades, and kill a hundred or two cops.


Kane and Lynch Dead Men download game

Version: 1.0

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