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Kerbal Space Program Release: 27 Apr. 2015
Developer: Squad
Version: + DLCs

Kerbal Space Program is a spaceship building simulator in which you will take control of a Kerbal space station and design new planes, rockets, labs, and more to fly interplanetary missions and explore the universe.

The gameplay contains 3 modes. "Science - The gamer will have to study new modifications, lead the heroes to a bright future, build ships and put them into orbit together with the characters, preferably without destroying them. In "Career" you can watch the modifications and experiments of your wards, you need to explore the planet one by one to learn everything and complete the mode. In a free-to-play match, users will be able to build any vehicle from all the parts available in the gameplay, players will be able to create their own dream spaceship.

In Kerbal Space Program, you'll be able to take control of your ship to perform complex maneuvers while in space. On the way there will be many obstacles in the form of space debris, comets, or improperly built components in the rocket. You have to watch how the work is done, and examine every detail to make sure that the crew does not die, and the rocket or space plane can make the difficult journey.


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Version: + DLCs

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32-bit, Adventure, Strategy, Indie, Open world, Physics, Sandbox, Science Fiction, Exploration, Simulation, 2015, Complex, Funny, Construction, Humor, Space, Education, Science, Space simulator

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