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Last Stonelord Release: 28 Sep. 2017
Developer: Morganti Livio
Version: 0.09
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10 x64-bit system
CPU: core i3
Memory: 2 GB
GPU: Intel-HD-Graphics
Storage: 1 GB

In 2018, Morganti Livio released its brainchild under the name Last Stonelord, so everyone could appreciate the merits of the game, whose genre affiliation can be characterized as an arcade-indie action with a noticeable role component.

Upon first loading the game, the eye is immediately struck by its visual design, which recalls the series of Warcraft games, starting with the third part and touching the multiplayer online version of this now legendary series. However, in this project, the developers took a slightly different mechanics, inspired by Warcraft, only its graphical design.

The essence of the game is to build your own village, with elements of interactive environment. You will not only have to build your village from scratch, but also defend it against all sorts of intruders: enemy settlements, robbers, monsters, the undead, there will always be plenty of enemies, but the same cannot be said about resources, whose supply will continually run out.

Among other things, the main character is offered the opportunity to explore a world rich in various secrets. Having chosen a class: mage, warrior or simple craftsman, the player will have to go to the space of the big open world, in search of treasures, to explore the area for the further expansion of individual regions.


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Version: 0.09

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Size To Download: 186 MB

32-bit, Indie, For weak PC, Early Access, 2017

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