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Limbo Release: 2011
Developer: Playdead
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2,0 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 2000+
Memory: 512 MB
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS / AMD Radeon HD 3850

Limbo is a phenomenal game made in the genre of arcade platformer, in a special black and gray style. The world where the action takes place is shrouded in darkness, with human bodies lying or hanging everywhere, and in dark corners inhabited by terrible creatures: giant spiders, natives with obviously not very good intentions and others. Through all this chaos and horror will wade a little boy, whose goal is to find a missing sister. You and I, controlling the boy, will have to travel through different locations: the dark forest, the gloomy factory, the city rooftops and somewhere else. Each zone is unique in its own way and offers the player to tinker with non-trivial, but at the same time not complicated puzzles, which by and large are always solved by following the correct sequence of actions. This journey is not calm and relaxing, on the contrary, it will keep you in suspense from the beginning to the end of the story, lasting an hour. In one hour you'll immerse yourself in a scary as hell world, bond with the boy, overcome a bevy of challenges and obstacles with him, and be shocked at the end with the denouement. No, the main character will not die, but something interesting will happen to him, and it is better to see with your own eyes. Limbo, the little masterpiece from Playdead Studios and spiritual mentor to such extraordinary platformers as INSIDE and FAR: Lone Sails, will be a treat for lovers of truly unique games and platformers in particular. The 2011 game strikes a set of details: enchanting sound, gorgeous visuals, simple but interesting challenges, and completely challenging opponents.


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Size To Download: 181.21 MB

32-bit, Adventure, for very weak PCs, Old Games, Gamepad Support, Arcade

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