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Lobotomy Corporation Release: 9 Apr. 2018
Developer: Project Moon
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz
Memory: 4 GB

Take on the role of monster management at the Lobotomy Corporation in a science lab that has created monsters that extract the best energy. You must keep an eye on the safety of your business, as well as your employees and monsters. You will need to keep the energy level at maximum, keeping an eye on the monsters, checking every corner and door, and fixing the damage on time.

Lobotomy Corporation's graphic rendering is a 2D horror game. You will be able to see all the rooms at once. At the beginning of the gameplay you will have absolutely no knowledge of monsters. As you pass, as well as your own observations of the monsters, you can have an idea of each "abnormality", you can easily overcome the problem and solve the next problem.

You will travel through an underground laboratory, communicate with employees, and perform various tasks from higher ups. In addition to completing quests, you and your partners will pick up firearms and edged weapons, and then go into the darkest corners of the station to destroy dangerous monsters. By learning your enemy's abilities, you will be able to kill them many times faster by using special weapons against each mob separately.


Lobotomy Corporation download game


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32-bit, Strategy, Atmosphere, Deep plot, Indie, 2018, 2D Game, Management, Simulation, Excellent Soundtrack, Horror, Anime, Complex, RTS, Early Access, Meat, Psychological Horror, Simplified Roguelike, Roguelike

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