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Mars War Logs Release: 26 Apr. 2013
Developer: Spiders
Version: 1.1736

The events of Mars War Logs game will take place on the Mars. In the alternative future, humanity will not only colonize the red planet, but also terraform it, that is, change its climate completely. Now in order to breathe on Mars, a man no longer needs to use a special suit and oxygen tanks - the air is produced all over the planet, and the water on it - a phenomenon already quite common. The Martian society started to prosper and this period lasted long enough, but at some point a catastrophe happened in the Solar system, which also affected Mars. Frankly speaking, the red planet turned into God knows what: the infrastructure created by humans was completely destroyed, and the population of Mars itself found itself in the clinging clutches of huge corporations extracting water. The corporations are mentioned for a reason, as there is a war going on between them, which reaches its logical conclusion. Mars War Logs game is an attempt of Spiders team to create some analogue of The Witcher, adjusted by the fact that the action takes place on Mars in the alternate future, and instead of setting a dark fantasy is the theme of science fiction. Third-person perspective, role-playing system, quests, journey through the open world, dialogues - all this goodness is more than enough here. Don't expect any revelations from the gameplay, especially from the quests - they are quite standard and, one might even say, routine: find an item, bring an item, take an item; find a person, talk to a person, kill a person, and so on. But there is one detail in the quests here and that is the forks (this or that chapter can be replayed in completely different ways).


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Version: 1.1736

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32-bit, Action, For Weak PCs, Atmosphere, Deep plot, Open world, Cyberpunk, Third Person

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