Mass Effect 2 Download PC Game

Mass Effect 2 Release: 29 Jan. 2010
Developer: BioWare
Version: 1.02
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 2.6+ GHz Core 2 Duo Intel or quivalent AMD CPU
Memory: 2 GB

Mass Effect 2 can rightfully be considered one of the best action role-playing games in the sci-fi setting segment. The basis of the game is a unique storyline built on the universe of the series Mass Effect, and its characters. The liner story is dominated by unexpected plot twists, making the narrative seem even deeper and more atmospheric. Captain Shepard, the irreplaceable protagonist of the second part of the Mass Effect, travels around the galaxy, performing various tasks, not alone. Its companions are eccentric characters, each in their own unique way, such as a 500-year-old blue woman hunting her own daughter, or a monster-sized reptiloid mercenary, for a hefty fee ready to kill anyone. The direction of the plot is basically clear - the course is taken towards saving humanity from the pesky Reapers, a hostile alien life form. The gameplay is far more interesting. Unlike the first part, the sequel evenly balances between action and RPG elements, so the game will please fans of shooting and fans of the dialog boxes. Also, the second part of Mass Effect differs from the first with a simplified skill system. Yes, the skills have been cut down as much as possible, but the paradox is that the so-called "skillet" characters have become several times more effective. You can't pick up unnecessary talents as you go along - each of the protagonist's abilities will come in handy in one situation or another. The effectiveness of skills is especially felt in those moments when the battle runs out of resources: first-aid kits, ammo, and everything else. That's where pre-pumped health or shield regeneration comes in handy.


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Version: 1.02

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32-bit, Action, Adventure, Female Protagonist, Great soundtrack, 3rd Person, Deep story, Shooter, Realistic, Simulation, Cooperative local game, Multiplayer, Complex, Tactical, For weak PC, Humor, MMORPG, Cinematic

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