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Mass Effect - Galaxy Edition Release: 28 may. 2008
Developer: BioWare
Version: 1.02

Mass Effect - Galaxy Edition - open-world third-person action shooter. The main character is Shepard, commander in chief of an elite force recruited from various corners of space. Peaceful areas are attacked by a multitude of Reapers, gradually destroying the world. The player will have to fight them, use high-tech weapons and recruit his own team of the best fighters.

The user can select any location on the map where he wants to move to start the missions. Gameplay is open, and the universe can be explored by completing secondary tasks and pumping up your charges. Heroes can upgrade their weapons by increasing base damage, rate of fire, or the number of rounds in the magazine.

In Mass Effect - Galaxy Edition, in addition to battles, the protagonist can find a mate, and choose any NPC. Quests send the team to specific locations, which have a huge number of enemies, as well as useful items. You can pick them up, and then use them for your own purposes on the ship.


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Version: 1.02

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