Master of Orion Free Download PC Game

Master of Orion Release: 26 Feb. 2016
Developer: NGD Studios
Version: locfix (11709)
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2.2 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
GPU: nVidia 240, ATI 4650, Intel Integrated HD 4000

In Master of Orion strategy, the gamer is invited to explore the boundless expanses of the galaxy, taking the side of one of the intelligent races. This game perfectly combines traditional philosophy with the latest industry developments. Multi-platform gameplay, an exciting story, and cutting-edge graphics await you.

Explore more than 100 solar systems with a myriad of stars and planets. The game has up to 10 races and more than 75 explorable technologies. Spaceships can be upgraded. They have a race-specific design. Defeat the enemy in different ways. Sometimes it makes sense to use military strategy. In other cases it is better to take advantage of diplomatic negotiations. Some of the races are subdued when they see the technical superiority of the enemy.

Alkari are prototypical anthropomorphic birds. They are noble and arrogant. Natural-born pilots give the user a bonus to ship speed. Bullrats are considered the prototypical bears. They have accelerated production and are also highly resistant to gravity.

Stealthy and sneaky darlocks give the user a security bonus and an assimilation boost. When you use these, you are less likely to fail reconnaissance missions. Insect-like race of clacons aiming to work for the good of the collective. They can turn arid planets into beautiful fertile lands, yielding great harvests of food. Their technology is simple and primitive. The human race is characterized by diplomacy and charisma. Its representatives are great merchants.Many races give the player a lot of advantages, so many users are eager to try out each of them.


Master of Orion download game

Version: locfix (11709)

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32-bit, Action, For Weak PCs, Strategy, Atmosphere, For multiple players, Turn-based Tactics, Science Fiction, Classic, Remake, Early Access, 2016, Space, TBS, Global Strategy

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