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Max Payne Release: 2001
Developer: Remedy Entertainment / 3D Realms Entertainment
Version: 1.05
Windows: XP / Vista / Seven
CPU: Intel Pentium II 450 Mhz
Memory: 96 Mb
GPU: 16 Mb, Direct3D supported

Max Payne - third-person action shooter with a storyline about three years in the life of the main character. Max has been framed and accused of killing his best friend and co-worker back when he was working as a covert agent against drug traffickers. While hiding from the police, he stumbled upon the gang of criminals who murdered his family years ago. The protagonist has nothing to lose, and he begins to hunt for bandits, killing them and trying to find answers to all his questions.

The action is set in New York City, the hero will move around the subway, on the street, as well as in the buildings of large corporations in search of enemies. In battles, the protagonist will be able to perform cool stunts in slow motion, and if the hero gets even a few wounds, he will die. You must be careful, performing feints with a large number of enemies, because in the air the character becomes simply uncontrollable.

In the game Max Payne you can climb high objects and take convenient positions, and the third-person view can help you see your opponent behind a wall or before the enemy sees Max. Gameplay accommodates a good arsenal, the protagonist will be able to use shotguns, sniper rifles, double pistols and machine guns. All weapons can be found as you pass locations, or simply picked up from dead enemies.


Max Payne download game

Version: 1.05

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32-bit, Action, 3rd Person, First Person Shooter, Shooter, for very weak PC

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