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MDK Release: May 1. 1997
Developer: Shiny Entertainment

There was a lot of controversy around this game, and it is still going on. MDK itself causes only bewilderment and delight during the walkthrough, and the name is deciphered to this day. As we begin our game as the doctor no one believes in and everyone ridicules him, we make the greatest discovery, which is also accompanied by mockery and downright boorishness.

Because of this, our doctor goes into space to prove his latest invention, and takes his partner with him. This man worked as a janitor and believed in our professor. The ship constructs a 6-legged dog. The robot that helps us throughout the game.

Suddenly disaster strikes. Hordes of robots from another galaxy land on Earth and use their weapons to wipe out everything. Cities, islands, whole countries turn to ash.

Gameplay is designed for one. Third-person shooter as that janitor (because the suit was designed for him). The arsenal of weapons we have a sniper rifle and a machine gun, working in different modes. Even though there are not many weapons, but it is interesting to pass MDK.

Graphics and sounds appropriate. Good for the ears and eyes. Traditionally, the game is allocated no more than 20 hours, but what!


MDK download game


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32-bit, Action, for very weak PCs, Old Games, 3rd Person, Science Fiction, Masterpiece, Classic, Humor, Third Person Shooters

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