Medieval 2 Total War Download PC Game

Medieval 2 Total War Release: 15 Nov. 2006
Developer: Creative Assembly
Version: 1.3

Medieval 2: Total War is the classic turn-based global strategy game from Creative Assembly Company. This time-proven media product shows that excellent graphical shells are no obstacle for perfectly balanced gameplay. Of course, today this game is considered outdated in terms of visuals, but the gameplay remains as relevant as ever. Medieval II: Total War, released back in 2006, amazed the fans of the genre with its enormous possibilities and scale. The player has a choice of about 17 races to develop over the course of 450 years. If you play in local multiplayer, the number of available races increases at times. The task of the user is to lead his race to world domination and gain the title of World Ruler. This path varies depending on the faction chosen at the start of the game. So, for example, if you start your journey from England, it will not be hard for you to colonize several islands and regions. But things take a different turn when you take control of a giant country like, say, Russia. You have no time to think about conquering other lands when internecine wars take place on your own territory, when Mongol-Tatars and other enemies raid you. Medieval 2 Total War is won if the player can conquer and establish his own 45 provinces. You will not have to hurry with the question of conquest, since all the strategies and tactics are allotted about 225 moves. This is more than enough to fulfill all his ambitious plans.


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Version: 1.3

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