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Melody Release: 5 Oct. 2017
Developer: Verge of Brilliance LLC, Evie Powell, Michael Fewkes, Nickolas Forsten, David Whitlock, Mike Chokran, Andrew Luck
Version: 0.7
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: CPU: Intel Core i5- 4590 quivalent or better
Memory: 8 GB
GPU: NVIDIA: GTX 1070 / GTX 980 or better
Storage: 600 MB

A talented guitarist teaches a pretty girl in an interactive movie called Melody. We have decisions to make to further develop the plot, and enjoy some great playing on Italy's oldest instrument.

Our hero is a trained guitarist. In search of his love and a steady income from moves to the metropolis and starts tutoring. After moving in, he immediately finds a young student whose aunt is willing to pay high prices for your lessons, and you make a new girlfriend.

Learning takes a long time, and your apprentice drags you around gigs (everything happens in an interactive movie with dialog boxes). Where will this familiarity take you?? Unknown. The ending is up to you to choose.

Well-drawn characters, great instrument sound, first tries of chords and notes on the guitar, dazzling figure of your student... Don't forget that as you pass the game you meet other girls, and your main earnings can turn away from you because of jealousy.

Melody is the perfect music simulator for those who want to see how a beginner guitarist begins to master an instrument. Too bad there isn't much time for it. The action, by the way, takes place in America. We will be shown it too.


Melody download game

Version: 0.7

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Size To Download: 2.28 GB

32-bit, Indie, Simulation, for very weak PC, 2017, VR

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