Mythic Manor Download PC Game

Mythic Manor Release: 2018
Developer: Jikei
Version: v.0.5.1 Rus + 0.8.0 Eng
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel Pentium IV 1.8 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
GPU: 512 MB

Mythic Manor is an erotic game where only few pictures or moments in the trailer are censored. The interactive film is divided into dialogues with which you will conquer one of five passions, or maybe all at once. How clever are you not to fall into the feminine and devious trap of all women - "not to me, but to no one!".

We are one of the few men caught up in a mystical city. And the magic settlement is called because of the fact that there are 500 women for one man in the city, but we have time to stun and seduce no more than 50 in the whole game (there are sex scenes)! The age limiters are set correctly).

Our actions determine the outcome of the story. Over 70 endings, less than 5 hours to complete one scenario and plenty of sex and violence scenes that will bring a bit of vulgarity to your screens.

We will move around the city in a static strategic glider. Nothing unusual for an erotic arcade game.

All the girls have a unique appearance, atypical character and strange requests. Try to seduce each of them and see if you can do it in real life?


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Version: v.0.5.1 Rus + 0.8.0 Eng

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Size To Download: 2.25 GB

32-bit, Indie, For weak PC, 2018

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