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Neverwinter Nights Release: 27 Mar. 2018
Developer: Beamdog
Version: 1.69
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
Memory: 1 GB
GPU: OpenGL 3.0
Storage: 10 GB

Neverwinter Nights - another representative of the cult classics in the niche of isometric role-playing games. Released back in 2002, it has seen quite a few re-releases, the most recent of which is the Enhanced Edition. Such attention to a seemingly obsolete product is due to its incredible popularity in the old days, as well as belonging to the legendary Dungeons universe & Dragons. Like any self-respecting RPG, Neverwinter Nights allows the player to feel like a creator of his own avatar. The character editor here is a truly ambitious tool, thanks to which you can create a truly unique, unlike any other character. In addition to the standard features, such as the choice of race and class, the player is offered a detailed biography of each character and the prehistory of his life. In addition, the user can use skill points at his discretion, creating both a highly specialized fighter and a hybrid class with a wide range of capabilities. The plot of the game can not be called large-scale, but it is more than enough to have a desire to know how the whole story ends. The latter, in turn, revolves around the protagonist's attempt to find bizarre creatures needed to create a cure that can rid the world of the plague hanging over mankind. Admittedly, it is worth noting that the product presented, created by Bioware, has received wide popularity not because of the narrative part, but because of the ability to participate in intermediate adventures and perform extremely interesting secondary tasks.


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Version: 1.69

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32-bit, Adventure, Old Games, Character Customization, Deep plot, Female Protagonist, 3rd Person, for very weak PC

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