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Noctropolis Release: 1 Jan. 1994
Developer: Flashpoint Studios, Nightdive Studios
Version: 1.0 - Enhanced Edition
Windows: Vista / 7 / 10
CPU: 1.0 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
GPU: 100% DirectX compatible graphics
Storage: 800 MB

The protagonist of Noctropolis, Peter Gray, has not had the best of luck in life. The bookstore he opened was not generating the income he needed, so his wife left the protagonist in favor of his more successful friend. The only activity Peter was great at was daydreaming. One day, he was able to become a participant himself in a fascinating story that took place in the city he dreamed of.

A volcano erupts in a scary cyberpunk city of a bleak future. Now the villagers can't see the sky, as a thick cloud of dust and ash obscures their view. But in the city became a lot of monsters and mutants, which are different magical abilities. The counterbalance to the villains were superheroes who dreamed of bringing the place back to the way it used to be. Among them was Duckshire and Stiletto.

Finding himself in the city of his dreams, the protagonist long waited for the good guys to appear and save the city and its inhabitants. He didn't even realize that he was one of those magical characters.


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Version: 1.0 - Enhanced Edition

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Size To Download: 587.8 MB

32-bit, Adventure, Atmosphere, Superheroes, Point and click, Nudity, for very weak PC, 90s

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