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Nox Release: 2000
Developer: WestWood Studios
Version: 1.2b
Windows: XP / Vista / Se7en
CPU: Pentium II 350 MHz
Memory: 128 MB RAM
GPU: DirectX-compatible graphics card

Nox is an adventure role-playing video game, the events of which take place on the fictional planet of Nox, where the ordinary earthling Jack finds himself. He finds himself in a surreal world, thanks to the evil deeds of the Necromancer Queen. She wants an incredibly powerful artifact that Jack has in his van as a backdrop.

Finding himself in another world, the protagonist meets his mentor, who had defeated an army of necromancers that had rebelled again and wanted to enslave the world. The teacher shows and tells all about the world, and instructs him on the path of the hero. In Nox, players will follow a linear path, completing story and secondary quests along the way. In cities you can trade with merchants, or sell unnecessary items.

Gamer will be able to choose one of three available classes: mage, warrior, and sorcerer. The former has a huge mana supply, little health, and an extensive arsenal of magical abilities. By choosing the second class, the user will ensure a good survivability in combat, a lot of damage and a lot of strong abilities in close combat. Sorcerer is able to subdue surrounding creatures by controlling them, or summon an army out of nowhere, winning battles without inflicting a single blow or loss of health.


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Version: 1.2b

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