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Obduction Release: 24 Aug. 2016
Developer: Cyan Inc.
Version: 1.7.2
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10 x64-bit system
CPU: Intel i5-2500 quivalent or better CPU
Memory: 8 GB
GPU: GeForce 660 GTX w/1GB / AMD 7700 series w/1GB quivalent or better
Storage: 20 GB

Authors of Myst and Riven adventure series offer you Obduction - mystical action game with tricky missions and puzzles. According to the narrative, the protagonist accidentally comes into contact with an unusual artifact that has fallen from somewhere in the sky. At this point, something strange happens and the protagonist is transported to an unknown, perhaps parallel world, where everything is not as it is on Earth as usual.

Cozy existence and comfort zone remained somewhere in the past, now the main character waits a completely unfamiliar universe, full of its own mysteries and secrets, which the hero has yet to comprehend. This unusual place with all its appearance encourages the player to scrupulously explore every corner, behind which may hide something both insignificant and incredible, which is hard to believe.

In Obduction, the player is a writer whose pen is his way of thinking, and paper is the world of the game, which changes depending on the decisions and actions the user makes. The game is built in such a way that it does not set the pace, but instead adjusts to the pace of the gamer himself. Here your most vicious enemy can be a puzzle, the solution to which can lie on the surface.


Obduction download game

Version: 1.7.2

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Size To Download: 2.47 GB

32-bit, Adventure, First Person, Atmosphere, Indie, Open world, Deep story, Mystery, Point and click, Puzzle, Science Fiction, Casual, Exploration, Survival, 2016, VR, Nonlinear

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