Oddworld - Stranger's Wrath Download PC Game

Oddworld - Stranger's Wrath Release: 20 dec. 2010
Developer: Oddworld Inhabitants
Version: 1.5

In the role of the protagonist in the thrilling adventure shooter Oddworld - Stranger's Wrath is a bounty hunter Stranger's. For some mysterious operation he will need a large sum of money, so the player should assist the protagonist in earning 20,000 moolahs.

The game world here is unusual and surprising. Already in the first video, the gamer will have to appreciate the atmosphere of the game, get acquainted with the difficult life of the local inhabitants. Catching criminals of all stripes is rewarded with monetary incentives. Delivering the captured villain alive or rotting in a sack is up to the player. To catch the assorted villains is done manually or by using the original crossbow

The gameplay can be divided into 2 modes. One of them features a third-person perspective. In this game the gamer will have to explore a vast expanse in search of the next target. The second mode will look like a first-person shooter. Here the player has a choice to catch or destroy the enemy. Although the second option is much easier, the reward in this case will be much lower.

The crossbow here is also quite unusual. It does not shoot ordinary arrows, but small creatures that are a product of the local fauna. After defeating the enemy, the protagonist absorbs him with a special device. Suck up quite a few defeated enemies. Weaker villains can be found in the territory, while the strong evil villains prefer to take refuge in large castles, cities, or other settlements.


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Version: 1.5

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32-bit, Action, Adventure, For Weak PCs, Strategy, Deep plot, Open world, First Person Shooter, Third Person Shooter, 2010, Gamepad Support, Humor, Adventure Action, 3rd Person Shooter, Western

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