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Osmos Release: 18 Aug. 2009
Developer: Hemisphere Games
Version: 1.5.6
Windows: any type of Windows
CPU: 1 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
GPU: OpenGL compatible graphics card, minimum screen resolution 800x600

Osmos - A two-dimensional computer game released in the puzzle genre. It's also categorized as an indie game, which wouldn't be wrong if someone thought so.

You are a single-celled organism that has the task of growing to a certain size at each level. Actually, if these conditions are met, victory is scored. At first glance it seems simple, but in fact you will have to tinker.

Gameplay is the absorption of other cells just like you, directly by yourself. In a field where there are many like you present in different sizes of spheres, we need to eat those who are smaller than us and run away from those who are larger.

As we increase, we will be able to absorb spheres of larger size, thereby increasing our level faster. Also in the levels are present anti - spheres that absorb each other and still a certain kind of spheres can clear the way for us. We can certainly use it to our advantage.

At the description it comes out all easy, but as soon as you start to get involved in the process after you have not torn away. Nice rendering and addictive gameplay do their job.


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Version: 1.5.6

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32-bit, Strategy, Atmosphere, Great soundtrack, Indie, Physics, 2D Game, Puzzle, Science Fiction, Casual, Relaxing, Simulation, Complex, Arcade, Space, 2009, Procedural generation, Education, Science, Space simulator, Minimalism

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