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Ostriv Release: Q4 2019
Developer: yevhen8
Version: 1.8
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
Memory: 2 GB
GPU: Anything OpenGL 4.3
Storage: 500 MB

Ostriv, the next-generation city-building simulator without any boundaries or restrictions. Go back in time to the present and build your own city. You will have access to several different locations, each with unique pros and cons, as well as a map.

You start by building small tents and housing the residents. Send your wards to mine the necessary resources and increase production. You can set up buildings any way you want. Rotate and move at any angle. Ostriv features interesting and elaborate construction animations for each object. In order to build a house, you must send the required number of workers to build it. Watch as they drag and drop materials, put walls, ceilings, stairs, and other items.

Improve the quality of life of your city by obtaining the right amount of food and listening to the needs of your residents. Fishing, mining wood, ores, installing roads and heating in houses. Over 50 different buildings and decorations are available to make your town look alive.


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Version: 1.8

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Size To Download: 177.7 MB

32-bit, Strategy, Indie, Sandbox, Management, Relaxing, Simulation, History, Construction, Early Access, Resource Management, Urban Simulation, Survival, 2019, Base Building, Economy

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