Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross Download PC Game

Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross Release: 2011
Developer: 07th Expansion
Version: 1.04
Windows: XP SP3 (32bit) / Windows Vista SP2 (32bit/64bit) / Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
CPU: Core2Quad - Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7
Memory: 3GB
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT / 8500GT

Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross is an arcade game with the classic two-dimensional graphics and the classic way of fighting each other. The game is drawn in anime genre and created by the story of the same name in Japanese comics - manga.

The game tells the story of an aristocratic family stranded on the island of the family by the weather of the sea. All attempts to return to mainland Japan are no longer possible.

Now they will have to take the side of one of the warring factions that inhabit this small piece of land.

One of them is the witches, who, through human sacrifice, try to resurrect the most powerful witch on earth. The second faction of magically gifted women who oppose the plot to lead.

Any member of the family can be chosen to fight and complete the campaign. Each character has unique combat abilities and feats.

The battles take place in different locations: the deck of a ship, the hall of an ancient castle, the lawn of an old hut and many others.

The mission of the family is to prevent the forces of darkness from destroying all humanity.


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Version: 1.04

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Size To Download: 2.31 GB

32-bit, Anime, Arcade, Fighting

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