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Overlord Release: 26 Jun. 2007
Developer: Triumph Studios, Virtual Programming
Version: 1.4

Overlord is a three-dimensional adventure for those who are already bored with the standard concept of virtue, according to which the protagonist is most often a representative of good and committed to the light. In the case of Overlord, it's different. The local protagonist is the true embodiment of primal terror and chaos in the person of the Supreme Overlord. He returned from the world of the dead to exterminate his opponents and enslave mankind. The dark lord has been defeated by seven knights of light. For a long time, people have believed that the enemy is defeated forever and the long-awaited peace and tranquility has come to their homes. However, the minions, loyal to their lord, have found a way to revive their leader from the abyss of non-existence. Upon his return, Overlord gave himself his word to avenge the knights and cast them into eternal torment, and to make all men his slaves for all eternity. Controlling the ultimate evil master takes less time than his minions. The lion's share of his evil deeds is committed by minions - dull looking green goblins capable of crushing any foe with their sheer numbers. In fact, all the black work is done by these little creatures, while the Overlord himself can engage in battle at will, using his sword or magic as a weapon. The number of goblin armies grows in direct proportion to the number of people sent to the other world. In addition, green geeks are divided into 4 types: wizards, thieves, warriors, and healers. Obviously, each type performs a different role, for example, the warrior rushes forward swinging his weapon, while the healer monitors the health of the warrior. A thief is able to sneak behind enemy lines, while a mage covers the front line with a barrage of magical attacks.


Overlord download game

Version: 1.4

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32-bit, Action, Adventure, For Weak PCs, Old Games, Fantasy, 3rd Person, Humor, MMORPG

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