Overlord: Raising Hell Download PC Game

Overlord: Raising Hell Release: 15 Feb. 2008
Developer: Triumph Studios, Virtual Programming
Version: 1.4

Becoming a lord in a fantasy world is easy if you pass the third-person slasher - Overlord: Raising Hell. As the protagonist villain, you will need to make a choice right at the beginning of the game: do you want to take over the half-destroyed world, or do you want to become its liberator by sacrificing yourself?

Overlord is back in a world where simple peasants have found ways to go to the other world and not put their souls in our hands. They are sent straight to heaven (so they thought), but they actually end up in the Valley of the Blind Hills. There their souls are tortured, humiliated, and do whatever they want. Our task becomes to take over the world against all odds.

The very beginning of the game has to do with elves. They're playing a stage play. After the second intermission we have to cut them off. No Problems!

Third-person slasher - Overlord: Raising Hell - has several levels of main character progression, which will find a loophole everywhere. New weapons (rather its modernization), a unique story and incredible graphics using Unity 4.

The plot is revealed not only in quests, but also in the dialogues of our subjects. Watch every word spoken by those who are willing to give up their heads for your own superiority. Not all people believe in good. Especially when the Overlord is around.


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Version: 1.4

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32-bit, Action, Adventure, for very weak PCs, Strategy, Fantasy, 3rd Person, Puzzle, Masterpiece, Funny, Humor, Adventure Action, Role-playing action, Black humor

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