Painkiller Download PC Game

Painkiller Release: 12 apr. 2004
Developer: People Can Fly
Version: 1.64
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10 x64-bit system
Memory: 256 MB
GPU: DirextX 9.0 64MB Video Card
Storage: 3.4 GB

Painkiller is a project by Polish company People Can Fly. The developers have based their action on the best of Quake and Doom series. The result is a dynamic gameplay with a minimum of plot and a maximum of teeth-grinding action, accompanied by ceaseless gunfire of all kinds of weapons. Shotguns, machine guns, chainsaws, submachine guns, grenades, etc. are all there to turn the bodies of zombies, skeletons, occultists and other enemies into piles of minced meat and bone. The protagonist of the first part of Painkiller is a certain Daniel Garner, who finds himself in purgatory after a car accident that he and his family. God of War: Chains of Olympus was not destined to get into Heaven, and neither into Hell. The thing is that the archangel Samael decided to take advantage of Garner's weaknesses by promising him and his family his life in exchange for the fulfillment of one errand. He asked the protagonist to destroy Lucifer's henchmen and stop his plans to take over the Earth. Painkiller is not all gameplay and driving music. Deserves special attention local bestiary. The authors have approached the creation of creatures with a special creativity: all enemies look authentic and fully comply with the gothic atmosphere. Each new location will introduce you to a new type of enemy, as well as remind you of the existence of all the previously seen enemies. In addition, you will not miss the skirmishes with the bosses. The latter, as a rule, are not only monstrous in size, but also possess a lot of power along with a huge amount of health.


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Version: 1.64

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