Parasite Eve 2 Download PC Game

Parasite Eve 2 Release: 2000
Developer: SquareSoft
Version: 1.0
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
Memory: 512 MB

Parasite Eve 2 is mistakenly considered a third-person action-horror because of its similarity to the early parts of Resident Evil. There is certainly something frightening about the story itself and the game as a whole, but this game is more of an action game with elements of a classic JRPG. Speaking of which, it is after the sequel's release that the series became almost a full-fledged shooter, while the previous part of the franchise is positioned as a canonical Japanese RPG. The storyline game Parasite Eve 2 continues the events of its spiritual mentor. The main character is still Aya, a police girl with supernatural magical powers. The protagonist is not only masterful with firearms, but also masters the magical techniques of fire, water, air, and earth. In part two, an intrepid blonde joins the ranks of MIST, a special FBI unit that specializes in destroying mitochondria. The latter, by the way, are the very parasites, whose spread threatens the destruction of the human race and planet Earth as a whole. The situation is exacerbated when the NeoMitochondrial Creatures attack the Acropolis. As it was found out later, the vermin attacked the main tower of Los Angeles not on their own initiative. Their collective mind has been controlled from afar by someone. And it's up to you to find out who controls the parasites and who is behind their spread. According to the latest information, the source of evil is in Nevada, where Aya sets out to eradicate the source of the monsters. The road to the Nevada desert will be long and thorny, and the heroine will get a lot more information than she expects.


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Version: 1.0

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32-bit, Action, Old Games, 3rd Person, Shooter, Gamepad Support, Horror, Survival, for very weak PC, MMORPG

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