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Planet of the Apes Release: 24 Aug. 2018
Developer: Imaginati Studios
Version: 1.0
CPU: Intel Pentium G3250 or quivalent/AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core or quivalent
Memory: 4096 MB
GPU: GeForce GTX 640 /Radeon HD 6750
Storage: 22 GB

Planet of the Apes is a third-person, open-ended action-adventure game. The game was developed by Imaginati Studios in 2018. Based on the acclaimed movie of the same name. Game and movie plot partially overlap, but don't affect each other's storyline. The game is self-sufficient and independent, in this respect, in relation to the original.

The human apes are at a stalemate: behind them is a natural cataclysm that forces them to leave their traditional habitat, on the other hand, the human world, unable to accept the new sentient race, seeing it as a potential competitor and a greater threat. The leader of the monkey uprising, in the past, was a test specimen, so his intellectual abilities are head and shoulders above those of his fellows.

Stunning graphics, conveys a realistic picture, rich battles and effects from explosions, wind, water and other things - at the level of its year of release. If you liked the movie "Planet of the Apes", The game based on this work is just as convenient as it could be. On behalf of the protagonist, we will have to lead an uprising and unite with some loyal representatives of the human species, in order to consolidate the rights of monkeys in the world of humans.


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Version: 1.0

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Size To Download: 18.38 GB

Adventure, 64-bit, Indie, 2018, Violence, Solutions with Consequences

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