Poker Night at The Inventory Free Download PC Game

Poker Night at The Inventory Release: 2010
Developer: Telltale Games
Version: 1.0u1
Windows: XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 2.0 GHz Pentium 4
Memory: 1GB RAM
GPU: 128MB DirectX 8.1-compliant video card

The casual simulator Poker Night at The Inventory is an embodiment of the classic card poker crossover game. It contains characters from a wide variety of game projects, so the game has not only excellent gameplay, but also a note of healthy humor.

The main characters to be played by the gamer are:
- Hyperkinetic "rabbit" creature Max from Sam & Max,
- Bud,
- Hewick the Giant Machine Gunner from Team Fortress 2,
- Taiko.
The gameplay takes place in a quiet cozy club. The user's main objective is to beat everyone and take the pot.

At the beginning, players place some blind stakes. It's called The Blind. This is followed by a trading process where everyone in the gameplay can make various bets, which in the game are called "Bets". The next player can bet as much as the previous player bet or raise the bet. If a player is unsure of winning, he can discard his cards by refusing to participate in the game. All bets made add up to the bank. When more than one player is left in the last round, the cards are revealed. In this case, the combinations of players will be compared with each other.


Poker Night at The Inventory download game

Version: 1.0u1

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Size To Download: 230.6 MB

32-bit, Casual, Simulation, For weak PC, Sporty

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