Puzzle Quest Galactrix Free Download PC Game

Puzzle Quest Galactrix Release: 24 Feb. 2009
Developer: Infinite Interactive
Version: 1.07

Puzzle Quest Galactrix - An unusual puzzle game with RPG, 3-in-a-row and puzzle elements. We build our fleet, develop weapons, and fight the enemy.

You can freely move between the stars, smash asteroids into minerals to work in various factions, trade your findings and take quests and tasks from different characters. For completing quests you can get reputation and a variety of in-game currency.

With the collected artifacts you can create weapons and supplies for yourself and for sale. By the way, trade in the game is very developed and brings not a small income.

The storyline is very simple. A disaster is looming from the depths of space and we have to stop it. Different partners will be added as we progress. Each of them will have their own unique characteristics.

Before you go in search of a battle, you must be sure that your ship is sufficiently leveled up, because it is much more important than your personal metrics. In the stores you will find different parts for it. Repair robots, lasers, matrices and other tricky things will delight us. So there is the customization of weapons that can shoot not only standard bullets, but also mines.

In general, the game has a lot of advantages and nice moments that can please.


Puzzle Quest Galactrix download game

Version: 1.07

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32-bit, for very weak PCs, Puzzle, Science Fiction, Casual, 2009

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