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Raft Release: May 23. 2018
Developer: Redbeet Interactive
Version: Update 9 | Early Access
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Dual Core @ 2.6 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
GPU: GeForce GTX 500

Raft is the most extraordinary survival game. You and I have already had to fight for life in deserts, jungles, steppes, forests, space and many other habitats, but the same cannot be said for water. Games where you have to survive on the sea can be counted on the fingers, and Raft is one of them. But the product of an independent collective Redbeet Interactive differs from the majority of representatives of the genre with its unique presentation of gameplay. The thing is, you won't have to build a ship or a submarine in order to navigate the smooth seas. And travel here in principle is not necessary. It all starts with a small raft of 2 by 2. The raft is static, the current of the sea does not carry it anywhere, but objects from the shores of islands and shipwrecks are kindly brought right under the player's nose by the waves. To catch planks, palm leaves, barrels of food and tools, the protagonist has a special hook. Throwing a simple device, the player catches all sorts of floating stuff, which should help not only to survive, but also to turn the tiny raft into a real houseboat with all the comforts. Around the raft all the time cruises hungry shark, which is just waiting for the moment when the gamer gets down into the water. But it's strictly forbidden, at least until you've got a spear with a pointy tip in your arsenal. It's worth mentioning that a giant toothy fish can literally attack your shelter and chew up the planks of your raft. In addition to her threat to the life of the game character are such trivial needs such as thirst and hunger. Food and drinking water can be found in drifting barrels. They also contain recipes for crafting.


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Version: Update 9 | Early Access

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