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Rise of the Triad Release: 31 Jul. 2013
Developer: Interceptor Entertainment
Version: 1.5

Rise of the Triad is a product of the gaming industry, representing the categories of "shooters" or first-person action shooters. The game, created by the Apogee team in 1994, almost 20 years later appears before us in a completely new, more modern guise.

Graphics of the game appreciably improved and added in three dimensions, in a word, became modern, while the plot remains the same, as it was conceived in the mid-90s. As conceived by the authors, the events of the game unfold somewhere between the alternate 20th and 21st century. It is not clear up to the end only because the opening reel contains the ambiguous phrase "One Year In Future", which can be interpreted differently.

The action takes place on San Nicolas Island, where a totalitarian paramilitary group known as the "Triad" has settled. A HUNT squad was sent to eliminate her, a member of which is our protagonist, who arrived here with his companions to carry out a particularly dangerous and top-secret mission. According to the laws of the genre, something goes wrong, the detachment of the protagonist is trapped, while the protagonist is forced to fight alone now not only for the freedom of mankind, but also for his own life.


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Version: 1.5

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