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Ronin Release: 2015
Developer: Tomasz Wacławek
Version: Update 9
Windows: XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: Pentium IV 2.0 GHz
Memory: 1 GB

The events of the fast-paced action-platformer Ronin take place in the near future. The protagonist is represented by a girl in a helmet - an extremely vengeful girl, it's worth noting. She prefers to secretly and quietly carve her opponents, stealthily sneak into rooms and steal important data from computers. She also likes acrobatic tricks, climbing walls and ceilings, jumping long distances, and the like.

In the arcade platformer genre, the game created by Tomasz Wacławek stands out for its unusual concept. We are faced with almost the first representative of the two-dimensional turn-based arcade game in which you must think through all your actions in advance, given the location of enemies, traps, surveillance cameras, and other.

The heroine of Ronin is driven by a thirst for revenge. Obsessed with evil, she, with a katana at her side, rides her motorcycle to hunt down a gang of five VIPs, the leaders of a sinister corporation with a sinister agenda. The five of them have put the Elena in a helmet, and now she must avenge them all by sprinkling the blood of each and every one of them on the blade of her katana.


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Version: Update 9

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32-bit, For weak PC, Arcade, Indy

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