Section 8. Prejudice Free Download PC Game

Section 8. Prejudice Release: May 4. 2011
Developer: TimeGate Studios
Version: 1.0
CPU: Intel 3 GHz, 2 GHz, or AMD AthlonXP3200+
Memory: 2 GB
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 or ATI Radeon X1900

Section 8. Prejudice is a self-help spin-off of the acclaimed first installment, whose developers listened to gamers and corrected the errors of the original. This time it was decided not to make the main emphasis on creating a mass slaughter among the players, presented in the best style of Hollywood sci-fi movies.

Multiplayer got updated modes, the arsenal added new guns, and the ability to use military equipment. But now it's not just an epic shooter with a focus on the network component. The game has its own campaign with a well-developed plot, polished dynamics and a unique gaming setting. The action takes place in the distant future, where a group of intrepid soldiers from a space landing encounter an unknown race whose technology far exceeds human. We will take part in spectacular battles, which determine the outcome of unequal battles. The developers spent a lot of energy working on the graphics engine, and the war of future really comes to life. Now you'll enjoy picturesque views of fantastic planet and special effects.

Many players and fans have repeatedly wondered what is associated with the name of the game. As it turns out, the answer is quite simple: it takes eight mesmerizing missions to complete a mission of universal. All these eight missions will take place in four different locations, allowing not only not to get bored, but also to enjoy a lot of gameplay.


Section 8. Prejudice download game

Version: 1.0

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Size To Download: 2.75 GB

32-bit, Action, First Person, First Person Shooter, Shooter, Sci-Fi, Multiplayer, For weak PC, 2011

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