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Sector Six Release: 7 Sep. 2018
Developer: Aivaras Klimas
Version: 29.01.2018

When getting to know Sector Six, the most important thing is to give it plenty of time. In just an hour when you learn all the basic mechanics and get used to the special style it will be impossible to tear you away from the monitor. A seemingly ordinary side-scroller in fact turns out to be an endlessly variable simulator, with its own subtleties and peculiarities. The plot is as follows: in the future, artificial intelligence has rebelled, and humanity fights back. As the captain of one of the spaceships, the gamer moves through horizontal locations, while shooting robots and gaining new upgrades.

The ship's customization is based on a modular system: each gun or mechanism is a separate structure that can be attached to any part of the shuttle. So, a commander can make both a fast cruiser and a huge flying bastion. Any combination of armor and firepower, speed and weight is possible, the user can adjust the combination to any task. It also adjusts the difficulty of the game by setting a lot of parameters before starting the session. All this guarantees the replayability and unique experience of each game.

"Sector Six" is designed in a minimalist style, with nice backgrounds and black objects in the foreground. The developers did a great job on the animation and special effects, also paying attention to the physical model and the variety of opponents.


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Version: 29.01.2018

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32-bit, Action, For Weak PCs, Atmosphere, Character Customization, Great soundtrack, Role Playing (RPG), Deep story, Shooter, 2D Game, Science Fiction, Re-playability, RTS, Side View, Loot, Indy, Shoot'em up, Minimalism

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