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Shio Release: May 5. 2017
Developer: Coconut Island Studio
Version: 1.2

Shio is an adventure indie platformer made in two-dimensional style. Player takes control of mysterious samurai. But the main character doesn't have to fight enemies, he has to jump from lantern to lantern and pass the hardest levels, gradually unraveling his purpose and past. There are many puzzle trick locations in the game, if you jump into them, the character will die and the lvl will start all over again.

Other than pressing 3 buttons, the user does not have to do anything. The gameplay is in the form of levels. For starters, there's a tutorial that tells you how to jump on lanterns and bypass traps.

In Shio's story, the protagonist is wearing a mask the whole time, but at the end, when the whole story adds up, he takes it off, and there is a small cutscene afterwards. Going through difficult quests, you can come across books and torn sheets, in which some moments of the protagonist's life are also written.


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Version: 1.2

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32-bit, Action, Adventure, Great soundtrack, Indie, Casual, Platformer, Challenging, 2017

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