Sims 3 Show Business Download PC Game

Sims 3 Showbiz Release: 2012
Developer: The Sims Studio
Version: 1.0
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
Memory: 1 GB
GPU: 128 MB

Sims 3 Showbiz - already the sixth add-on to the third episode of the beloved simulator of real life.
This time, the game creators offer players to become the real stars of show business, with all the ensuing consequences: the good and the bad. Addon was announced in December 2011.

The addition brings a number of new professional opportunities (careers) to the game: a singer who will perform in front of the audience and collect applause, as well as a magician and an acrobat. They will also perform in front of an audience, engaged in entertainment. In the beginning, the hero will be satisfied with performing on the street, but over time, climbing the slippery steps of the career ladder, he will begin to gather a whole crowd of people and give out his autograph right and left.

In the game, for the first time since the times of the first game in the world, the game is a small town "Sims 2" appeared such items as the remote DJ, microphone, tourniquet, pyrotechnics, karaoke and other things that may be of particular value for a representative of the profession of showman. The ability to create a scene with scenery and edit its appearance to your liking, which was absent in earlier versions of the game, is now available. Also, this addition brought a new city called Starlight Shores to the game world. This city is a small village, with streets, parks, paths for walking and all the appropriate infrastructure for such a place.

Another fun addition was the appearance of a new magical creature - Genie, which is similar to the one that was introduced in the previous part of the Sims 2. Katy Perry, a famous American singer, has worked on the project and has recorded a number of new songs for it. She is a longtime fan of the Sims series of games. According to her, it is fun to watch as your character chooses a profession, goes through the career ladder and becomes a true professional, just like she once did.


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Version: 1.0

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