Sin Slayers The First Sin Download PC Game

Sin Slayers The First Sin Release: 11 Apr.
Developer: goonswarm
Version: v1.2.01
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: CPU 1700 MHz
Memory: 512 MB
GPU: GeForce 210
Storage: 1 GB

The belief that all heroes who do good deeds are very often mistaken. After all, just think and remember, but not by murder, or robbery, or the creation of total chaos, the heroes do these very good deeds? Every thing has a price - that's what all heroes must pay to gain glory in life, and condemn themselves to suffering in a world of sinners after death.
This is the philosophy presented by Sin Slayers The First Sin, a game about twelve glorious heroes who are subjected to heavenly justice and trapped in a nameless world. To the surprise of the rulers of this world, the heroes turned out not to be ordinary sinners, but brave warriors who are still ready to cross swords and fight to the very last breath.

Wreak havoc in the bowels of Hell

This nameless world in which the characters find themselves is Hell. This demonic place consists of several circles of pain and torment, led by the Lords of Darkness. Each of them is a manifestation of one of the sins that are actively used to defeat the heroes.
You will be able to choose one of twelve valiant heroes, hardened by war and dangerous battles, each of whom agrees to pursue their goal to the very end. To successfully defeat all the Lords of Darkness, the characters will have to combine forces and combine their skills. Before each mission, you must carefully select the composition of the team, consider their strengths and approach to each enemy.

If you download Sin Slayers The First Sin for free by torrent, you can go to a colorful underground world made in a pixelated style. All the effects and animations in the game are well designed, which, together with the easy gameplay, creates a great atmosphere.


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Version: v1.2.01

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Size To Download: 214 MB

Adventure, Indie, For weak PC, Role-playing Strategy

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