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Sniper Elite 3 Release: 27 Jun. 2014
Developer: Rebellion
Version: 1.15a

Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition is a historical shooter with strategy elements. It tells the story of a U.S. Army soldier who fights in the fields of North Africa, killing Nazi officers before Allied forces arrive.

It's World War II. North Africa while held by the Nazis. The American army launches an invasion and sends sharpshooter Carl Fairburn, who must prepare the ground for the offensive and subdue the enemy's rear.

In Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition, the main mission is to take out a certain Franz Whalen, a German general working on a special secret weapon that can change the end of the war.

Using his sniper rifle and behind enemy lines skills, Carl must foil a plan to develop the only means to prevent the Allies from winning the war. And he will, no matter what it costs him, and the player will be able to watch the beautiful visual murders.


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Version: 1.15a

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32-bit, Action, Adventure, Stealth, Strategy, Atmosphere, For multiple players, Open world, 3rd Person, First Person Shooter, Shooter, Third Person Shooter, Simulation, Mechanics, Meat, 2014, Tactics, War, World War II, Sniper

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