Sonic Generations Download PC Game

Sonic Generations Release: 4 Nov. 2011
Developer: Sega
Version: + DLC
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Dual core Intel Pentium T4200 or quivalent AMD
Memory: 2 GB for XP / 3 GB for Windows 7 and Vista
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 2900 with 512 MB of video memory

Sonic Generations comes on the 20th anniversary of the blue hedgehog-adventure game series. As conceived by the authors, the anniversary game is a kind of compilation of the good old adventures of superfast protagonist. By the way, this developer's decision was more than successful, especially when you consider modern, not the most outstanding games about Sonic. This time a new threat hangs over the moderately quiet and quiet world of the protagonist and his friends: a monster appears from nowhere to devour time and space. It is worth noting that the appearance of such a serious detractor fell just on the day when Sonic and his friends were celebrating his birthday. The enemy manages to kidnap the protagonist's loved ones, but fails to clearly articulate what he wants and why he has arranged all this terror. But the algorithm of actions is clear: you need to rush at full speed on the famous game locations, simultaneously making off with the enemies, and save your comrades. The line-story in Sonic Generations is not the strongest point of both this product and the rest of the series. To tell you the truth, the story is only here for show, because the whole point of Sonic games is the highly dynamic gameplay. You and I will once again race across Green Hill, an expressway, a chemical plant and other old-school locations that have been redrawn anew. The latter are famous for their jumping platforms, twisted loops, moving obstacles, vacuum turbines, clouds, trampolines, chicanes, springs, and the like. An interesting feature of the game, among other things, is the ability to complete all levels in 3D.


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Version: + DLC

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