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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Release: 29 Mar. 2005
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Version: 1.3

Stealth action Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is a sequel to the series with the same name, and is the third of its parts. As before, the main role is played by the well-known agent Sam Fisher. As before, the action is served by a third-person camera, and the protagonist prefers to act stealthily and eliminate enemies silently. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory has become more spacious in terms of game location design and has partially moved away from linearity. It has become possible to solve this or that situation in several ways. There can be 2 or even 3 ways to get into a particular room, if you search well and study the level. The design of the locations is visually rich, but the corridor levels are still fun to be around. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory's replayability is enhanced by the main character's updated arsenal. Sam can take down his enemies from a distance with a silenced weapon or in close combat with a chokehold, knife, stun gun, or chokes. The door can now be opened in several ways: by ajar and peeking through the crack into the room, or simply kicking it open. Artificial intelligence in the third installment of Splinter Cell deserves special attention. Virtual opponents have become smarter and more lively. Now they act more cautiously if they hear some background noise, check dark corners, and in some cases can even shoot at random. All this makes the gameplay more natural and unpredictable.


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Version: 1.3

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