Stolen: Robbery of the Century Free Download PC Game

Stolen: The heist of the century Release: 2005
Developer: Blue52 Games
Version: 887
Windows: XP / Vista / Se7en
CPU: Pentium 4 1.5 GHz
Memory: 256 MB
GPU: 64 MB, GeForce 4, DirectX 9.0

Stolen: Robbery of the Century is a stealth action game in which players will take control of Anya Romanova, a first-rate thief. She wants revenge on an enterprise that set her up in one of her dangerous sorties. She must sneak into the secure center, find useful documents and information, and stay out of the way of her enemies.

In the game you will act as silently and quietly as possible in order not to let yourself be exposed. Protagonist will need to hide in the shadows, hide behind objects or climb difficult places to monitor the guards. In Stolen: The Robbery of the Century, players will be able to perform secondary tasks, such as stealing certain items from guards, or entering secret locations.

The heroine does not possess any firearms or edged weapons. If you are spotted, you can try to run away or hide, but you will most likely have to start the level all over again. Some areas include an increased number of enemies, video cameras and even laser installations that must be overcome with extreme caution.

Throughout her journey, Anya will be assisted by her allies. They will give directions, tell you where enemy objects or guards are located, and can help in difficult situations, such as hiding if discovered.


Stolen: The Heist of the Century download game

Version: 887

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32-bit, Action, Stealth, 3rd Person, First Person Shooter, Shooter, for very weak PC

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