Strip Fool Free Download PC Game

Strip Fool Release: 2004
Developer: Maxim Khorin
Version: 3.1.40
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 1.00 GHz
Memory: 1 GB

No decent party is without gambling. That's not to say that Strip Fool is the right game for every party (more like a date with a girl who is as single as you are), but the developers of this "Fool" decided that they had to release a card game in which getting undressed is your main task.

Card game has up to 6 players. Everyone plays on their own field, and undresses their own girl, represented by the game. However, there are a few difficult moments, and the rules of the game are regulated. For example, you can not remove all the clothes from the heroine, if you lose at least once. And if you're not "lucky" and trump cards are falling out for everyone but you, then the girl will think it's cute and take off one piece of clothing.

The game has a story part. It consists in collecting all models. This may not seem like much fun, but what do you get for simply winning a fool's game?

Made in kind, Strip Fool is worthy of being described in articles. The simple card game, which has drawn several generations, has made its way to Android and PC platforms.


Strip Fool download game

Version: 3.1.40

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