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Tempest Release: 22 Aug. 2016
Developer: Lion's Shade
Version: [+ 2 DLC]
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 2 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB
GPU: Hardware Accelerated Graphics
Storage: 500 MB

Tempest is one of the most advanced pirate simulations and pirate activities in general. Lion's Shade Studios' project was originally developed with a focus solely on the single-player component. The modern video game industry, however, cannot exist without some form of collaborative activity. In fact, that's why Tempest has a co-op mode, designed for three users in a single game session. It is noteworthy that the cooperative does not oblige players to become part of the team of one pirate schooner. On the contrary, there is no such a possibility in the game in principle. Each player takes control of his personal battleship and is engaged in its development. And as a matter of fact, there is much to develop. There are three levels of upgrade: boarding, defense, and artillery. In theory, all the skill points can be "thrown" into one of these components. However, in practice, this build will not lead to anything good. It is recommended to develop all three branches proportionally, while respecting the balance of power. Each ship has three HP indicators. One is responsible for the health of the crew, one for the integrity of the sails, and one for the wear and tear of the planking. If enemies damage the sails of your schooner, the ship will lose its maneuverability. The weapon arsenal also has a variety expressed in different ammunition: fireballs, armor-piercing projectiles, knipples. In addition, the developers have also added poisonous cores. It's not just pirate and guard ships that sail in the Caribbean Sea. Kraken lives in the depths of dark waters. If the player manages to kill this giant monster, he will get at his disposal the Deep Stone, a unique artifact that allows you to summon a monster with tentacles. It will fight on the side of the owner of the stone.


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Version: [+ 2 DLC]

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