The Banner Saga 2 Free Download PC Game

The Banner Saga 2 Release: 19 Apr. 2016
Developer: Stoic
Version: 2.55.4
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
Memory: 2 GB
Storage: 4 GB

The Banner Saga 2 is the sequel to the epic RPG with a turn-based combat system. This RPG was created by the hands of three descendants of the famous and renowned BioWare studio, who have overseen the best years of the company. And that, in turn, is one of the most important reasons to look not only at the sequel to the highly successful RPG, but also at its predecessor. The universe of The Banner Saga 2 resembles a Scandinavian fairy tale. The icy expanses of once-visible greenery are inhabited by rugged people, with rugged characters, hardened by bloody wars and endless frosts. You play the role of the most ordinary and ordinary man who has enough courage, bravery, and confidence to lead his people who need a safe haven. Appearing out of nowhere, the Draghi, creatures that destroy everything in their path, will soon reach you and your tribe. In addition, the sun no longer warms the planet with its rays, and the globe itself splits into pieces. Under these conditions, food, water and other vital resources run out very quickly, and there are constant wars all around. With all this, our hero swiftly leads his people on a slowly but surely going down ship. Maybe there is still a place where you can take refuge from all external problems and establish a new life there? Behind you will be about two hundred people in need of shelter, food, and warmth. However, the most important ones that affect the plot in one way or another are the following: Canari, Dedru, Raich, Skytouch, Aleo, Spar, Nickels, Oli, Folka, a couple of peasants, Finnr, Gudmundr, Dagr, Zefr, and Buck. With each of them you will build individual relationships based on your actions and decisions.


The Banner Saga 2 download game

Version: 2.55.4

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32-bit, For Weak PCs, Strategy, Deep plot, In 3rd Person, MMORPG, Roguelike, TBS

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