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The Path Release: 18 Mar. 2009
Developer: Tale of Tales
Version: 1.11

The mysterious tale of Little Red Riding Hood does not end with a mere fairy tale, and The Path shows us a new, slightly creepy story. In this simple driving adventure we will play as 6 sisters, and for each situation, we choose one of them. No particular reason to choose - they all differ only in appearance and running speed, but every detail affects the story.

As the developers assure, we get limitless possibilities in the creation of a script line. In the dystopian world of one forest, we are haunted by both simple tasks and selective ones that, one way or another, will lead to the main (laid down in several branches) plot. In fact, the whole game is created by us.

The graphics in The Path are excellent in the sense that they capture the dark atmosphere of. Opening the game in the evening in heavy rain with everything around at dusk is a wonderful experience. Keep in mind that the music will be the same - eerie, dark, but just as beautiful.
Each character will confront the forces of evil in her own way, but the storyline does not change because of this.

Try to pass the gloomy forest on the first try - the heroine receives no damage from the in-game monsters. This is the only disadvantage of the game.


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Version: 1.11

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32-bit, Adventure, For Weak PCs, Atmosphere, Deep plot, Female Protagonist, Great soundtrack, Indie, 3rd Person, Exploration, Grim, Horror, Masterpiece, Psychological Horror, Short

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