The Samaritan Paradox Free Download PC Game

The Samaritan Paradox Release: 20 Mar. 2014
Developer: Faravid Interactive
Version: from 28.06.14
Windows: XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Memory: 500 MB
Storage: 300 MB

The Samaritan Paradox - a game in the genre of detective drama, where the main character will have to get involved in an investigation that he himself will not be happy. But once you've taken on a job, you've got to finish it.

It's about a hero named Ord, who is destined to solve the mystery of a lost book. One of the books of the murdered journalist interests our hero. He finds a hidden cipher in it and promises a journalist's daughter to find the lost book in exchange for half of her inheritance.

An apartment debt and an unfinished dissertation force Horde to take on such an unusual case.

He moves around different locations, talks to the inhabitants of the city, and stumbles upon chapters of a book scattered in different places. The Pathfinder's job is to find the entire book chapter by chapter.

At the bottom of the screen is an inventory, which contains everything you need to search: letters, chapters of books and addresses of some townspeople. In dialogues with the inhabitants of the city Ord learns valuable information.

The plot is set in a classic quest genre. The room contains various items that may serve as another clue or a clue to the next step in the investigation.


The Samaritan Paradox download game

Version: from 28.06.14

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32-bit, Adventure, for very weak PCs, Indie, 2D Game, Mystery, Pixel graphics, Point and click, Puzzle, 2014, Detective

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