The Settlers 3 Download PC Game

The Settlers 3 Release: 1998
Developer: Blue Byte Software
Version: 1.60 Gold Edition
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Pentium 100 MHz
Memory: 32 MB

The Settlers 3 is the third part of well-known economic strategy, created and released by Blue Byte Software back in 1998.

The plot begins with the fact that the three main gods of the three separate civilizations of the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Romans and the equally ancient Asians, by which the Chinese (as the oldest civilization in Asia) must have been meant, are in complete inaction, indifferent to the fate of their peoples.

Then the Supreme God appears to them and forces them to proceed to find a new god for the three nations. Otherwise, if they do not follow the order of the Supreme God, the punishment will not be long in coming.

The aim of the game, is to create a strong state through the development of the economy, on the account of which you can create a professional army and send it on a conquest campaign against its neighbors in order to impose its hegemony in all regions.

You will have to mine resources such as stone, wood, gold, meat, pave roads for trade routes, develop an economic system, and build a strong army of infantry, cavalry, siege weapons, and navy.

This game is essentially a supreme god simulation for one, of the civilizations operating in the game, which gives it a certain charm and does an unspoken compliment to any player who has taken the trouble to get through The Settlers 3.


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Version: 1.60 Gold Edition

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